Disability Sport England
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Sue Ryder Care
With its Ann Rylands Special Project in 2005 the Trust aimed to provide grants which would enhance the life experience of people dependent on long term residential care due to complex physical and mental disabilities. The award of £250,000 enabled Sue Ryder Care to install specially adapted technology and software at its seven neurological centres around the United Kingdom. This made it possible for residents, living with severe neurological conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington's Disease, and Stroke to overcome their great difficulty in communicating.

Psychiatric Nursing
The Trust provided funding of £500,000 for the development of a new training programme for psychiatric nurses to provide care for people with serious mental illness. This Thorn Training Programme is now the industry standard accredited qualification for mental health professionals.

Youth at Risk
Funding of £500,000 each was provided to Fairbridge and Crime Concern for two schemes, one aimed at providing behavioural change and long term direction and support for young people at risk, and the other at reducing youth crime by harnessing the energy of young people and the local community in one inner city, to create a better and safer environment.

Multi-Sensory Facilities
An award of £310,000 enabled Shropshire County Council to provide a custom-built mobile facility to take multi-sensory facilities to adults and children who have profound and multiple disabilities.

Encouraging the enjoyment and appreciation of art
Several grants included £130,000 to provide a new multi-media service for hearing impaired visitors to Tate galleries in London and Liverpool, enabling them to tour the exhibitions using British Sign Language interpretations of artworks on hand-held computers. Another grant of £227,000 funded a regional outreach programme by the Living Paintings Trust to increase the number of visually handicapped people who benefit from the charity's unique touch and sound packs, which enable the visually impaired to access the world of pictures.

Palliative Care
A grant of £400,000 completed the funding required by Katharine House Hospice in Stafford to provide a new 10 bed in-patient unit to add to its day care service.